via: Vogue Magazine (March Issue)

“Starting on March 3rd brings you into the real lives of 6 brilliant young women -an educator, a musician, an actress, an asset manager, a design guru and a blogger-discovered on the streets of New York. In intimate mini films by See-Think’s Andrew Neel and Luke Meyer, these women reveal that the trick to living beautifully involves being clever, conscientious and courageous in everything you do-from who you love to the books you read from how you share to what you wear.”-Vogue
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With friend, Editor-in-Chief of Maker Magazine, Alyse Coite

After a signed non-disclosure agreement and ten months in the making, I’m excited to finally share the series as one of 6 women selected from New York by Vogue. It truly was a once and a lifetime experience. When we shot the film, the process lasted almost an entire day; 10 hours shooting footage on a day in my life with Vogue, Director, Andrew Neel and the See-Think, team… I won’t give too much away but I am anticipating the release and viewing the film for the first time, as well as sharing the series with all of you! The first episode of ‘My Life In Vogue’ premieres with my film on Monday, March 3rd.