Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. The elections are dawning upon us and it’s going to be a hairy race! No, I am not referring to politics but to hair!

It’s that time again for another hairstyle tutorial and I am leaving the choice of the next hairstyle tutorial in your faithful hands. In the running are three strong contenders: “Geisha a la mode”, “Rolling Bang Bang Bun” and “Bun on the side”.  In the first elections “Nefertiti High-top” won by a landslide with a vast majority of the votes but this go around who knows…the outcome remains a mystery but decision is up to you!



The Candidates          


Geisha a la mode

Rolling Bang Bang Bun

Bun on the side

and the winner is…?

Which is your choice for America’s Next Top Hairstyle? Oh I mean hairstyle tutorial (had to throw that in, lol).