My husband Carl and I decided to take a trip to Austin, Texas after a year of prayer and extensive research on where we wanted to buy our first home and plant roots. My husband has lived all over the U.S. while I have only known Brooklyn, New York to be my home the last 27 years, until I moved to the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia) 10 months ago. We attempted to buy our first home here in Northern VA because my son Jaden has been doing exceedingly well in school and loves his friends here. But….and it’s a BIG BUT….Carl and I are not happy here. We prayed about it and the DMV is just not the place for us. We are a very creative and active couple. A lot of the things we enjoy and a lot of the gifts God has blessed us with just don’t fit with the DMV area. We also don’t want to move back to NYC because it’s not a great place to raise a child and frankly we just got sick of it. So we made a trip to Austin Texas last week because we have heard nothing but wonderful things about it.


Here’s our list of things that we love and are a must have in our lives:


- It’s ranked high for being a safe city with low crime and a great public school system for Jaden, because Lord knows we can’t afford private school!


- It has a lot of culture and it’s more liberal. It has lots of great food which is a must for me because I’m a foodie. Vintage stores because I love thrifting and lots of creative folks that we can work with and be around. And there were so many quirky/artsy looking stores, restaurants, and homes.


- It’s the live music capital of the U.S. which means there are plenty of bands and festivals all year round for us to see. And my husband can finally start his own band. Many people don’t know when my husband is not at work he turns into Lenny Kravitz…lol. He literally has been playing the guitar for over 22 years, plays the bass, drums, piano, sings, and produces his own music. So I’m looking forward to him being able to finally pursue it :).


- Fast growing economy especially in the tech industry which means my husband has a lot of job opportunities and we get to be around a lot of young professionals. My husband is a Senior Visual Designer and is currently seeking a position as an Art Director or another Senior Visual Design position. So if anyone knows of any job openings here is his –>Portfolio where you will find some of his work along with his Linkedin profile and email.


- It’s warm all year around. We can’t stand cold weather and love swimming, bike riding, hiking, skate boarding, and running which are big things in Austin.


- It’s not crowded, it’s a city, it’s clean, and the cost of living is great!


- We found a church there, attended a service and loved it! We are excited to serve in ministries there! We have yet to find a church we love in the DMV area and that’s a must!


- It’s a city that promotes living green, eating healthy (lots of vegetarian spots and juice spots), and active lifestyles.


After visiting Austin, we know God lead us there because it was everything we had prayed for and talked about, but didn’t think existed. There, we found elements of Brooklyn that we missed, but even better! We fell in love with it and had such a peace about making our decision to move. We finally found a place we can call home. Now we are just praying and believing that my husband gets a job there ASAP :).


The pictures below are from our trip. We met up with my beautiful friend and former Urban Bush Babe Sanetra, we went thrifting, we ate at food trucks everyday, we had the most delicious tacos (Torchy’s Taco truck) and barbeque (Salt Lick Barbeque), we swam at Barton Springs, we went to church (Austin Stone Community Church), we saw some awesome bands play, we went to the juice bar every morning (Juiceland), and we scouted neighborhoods looking at homes and schools.  We love you Austin!!!!


We ate at the famous Salt Lick Barbeque. The barbeque ribs tasted like candied pork! So delicious!!!27



Feathers Boutique Vintage Store



New Bohemia Vintage store


Buffalo Exchange, this one blows away the ones in NYC. My lovely friend Sanetra getting her thrift on and I made out and got a vintage Metallica t-shirt!












Our nights out…




Got our juice on at Juice Land every morning :)


Fresh protein smoothie and veggie juice : Wundershowzen, The Fountain, and the Medicine Man shot


Took a swim in Barton Springs, we went on a Saturday when it was crowded


My beautiful friend Sanetra and I



There were food trucks every where and we loved it! Best tacos EVER!!!




Mount Bonell