It all started with an email I received from photographer Glenford Nunez who has this beautiful and amazing project called The Coiffure Project. Next I found myself giving Carl (my fiance) the sad puppy face to drive me to his studio in Baltimore. Carl lives in DC so it’s not too far, but we do only have one day to spend together since I live in NY, which means we don’t like to give it up for anything. So we get to the his studio and everyone was amazing and we connected quickly! It was like hanging out with friends. Carl even played one of Glenford’s electric guitars while I was shooting, so we had some music. He wanted to be able to capture the essence of every person he shot. I felt like he did that for me, especially the picture of me smiling  (“She’s an orange moon” – Jessica Everson). Glenford Nunez is truly gifted with an amazing eye, I feel blessed to have worked with him on this project.

The Coiffure Project portraits by Glenford Nunez, TYP Photography Studio. Check out the project here –> The Coiffure Project

A little side note…I learned something about myself, I really really don’t like taking photos, whether it be in front or behind a camera. It feels unnatural to me and I feel it takes away time from actually enjoying and existing in the moment because your stopping to take a photo. Imagine your out and every moment your stopping to take a photo, what the heck!?!? I can’t stand that! Then you want to check the photo to make sure the photo came out good! It just sucks up time. I prefer to just live and while I’m living if someone snaps a candid then great, as long as I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to become self conscious for a photo op. There, I admitted it! LOL! It may pose as a problem since I am half of UBB, so I’m trying to find a happy medium. I also know that I have to make exceptions sometimes if I want to collect memories, I just wish they didn’t feel like interruptions. :)


“She’s an orange moon”- Jessica Everson