My son Jaden turns 13 years old today!!! I can’t believe he is 13!!! I have a freakin’ teenager!!! We will be celebrating his birthday over the next couple of days. He is one of the main reasons I haven’t been able to blog as much as I’d like to, but once school ends in June my posts will be more frequent :). I’ve been using most of my time to nurture him and give him the time he needs and deserves. His baseball practices, baseball games, homework, projects, studying for tests, making sure he is eating right (home cooked meals), spending quality time, keeping a clean home, work (I’m an elementary school teacher), church (God is first), being a newlywed (tending to my husband), and house hunting to buy our first home are some of the things I’ve been juggling. During this transition in my life I’ve grown so much and God has shown me amazing things. One of those HUGE things is how blessed I am to be a mom. This is something I took for granted when I was living in NYC. I was too distracted by things going on around me and when I moved God showed me he wanted me away from all the distraction. He wanted me in a place where I could focus more on my relationship with Him (God) and my relationship with my son and my husband. I haven’t been the greatest mom over the years and a lot of it had to do with me having a child when I was basically still a child and my dysfunctional upbringing. Since I got married and we moved, my relationship with Jaden has been better than ever and he has been flourishing like never before. He went from failing in NYC public schools, to the A and B honor roll every report card and getting placed in honors English class in a Fairfax County school. His baseball team is undefeated and his attitude has done a complete 180, he is so much happier now. This is proof that God heals and restores!!! I wanted to dedicate a post to him since turning 13 is a big milestone!!! This birthday note is for my little angel Jaden:

What can I say to you that can explain how much I love you? There are no words, but I at least would like to try. Jaden, it has been just you, grandma, and myself the last 12 years. Then a lot of big changes took place, I got married, you gained a step-dad, we moved to a new state away from family, you started a new school, had to make new friends in a new place, and you did it all with grace. I went where God led me and now I see a big reason was for you! Today I praise God for another day I have with you, and for another year I have a chance to be your mom. Everyday you teach me something new and I’m so thankful to God that He blessed me with you. You teach me what unconditional love means, you teach me what sacrifice and patience means. You make me see that serving another human being and helping them grow and sharing in all their joyous moments make me one of the happiest people alive, because through your joys I am overjoyed!!! I love your big heart, I admire the way people just gravitate to you everywhere you go, I love your sense of humor, your Flintstone feet, your hugs and kisses, and that witty intelligent brain of yours. You’re just all sorts of awesome and God has such huge plans for your life! I pray everyday that God continues to give me the grace and patience to allow you to make your own mistakes, and that He gives you the strength to get back up and keep going if you fall. I pray that you grow in wisdom and in grace. I pray He shows you favor in all you do and shines his face upon you all the days of your life.


Love always,