After reading some comments on an article I posted yesterday I realized there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Many naturals travel by plane and don’t know how to maintain their regimens because the airport rules regulate whats allowed on the plane. It also becomes an issue when you leave the country and go some where and they don’t sell products you can use on your natural hair. I plan on taking an airplane in the next month when I travel and need to bring my oils and leave-in cream along with me so I won’t look like a hot mess while I’m away. I will be taking my oils and leave-in creams in 3oz containers that I bought from The Container Store. But then there is the issue of conditioner which I use a lot of! I won’t be able to bring that, and I’m sure not gonna pack a bunch of 3oz containers full of the same conditioner, that’s just too much!


When you travel by airplane how do you get your products on the plane if there is a liquid/gel regulation that requires everything to be in 3oz. or smaller containers ? Do you modify your routine/regimen to fit the regulations and your trip?