Are you still considered natural if your wear, a weave, extensions or wigs? Many say yes, since a large number of women are natural under their curly hats or accessories while others say no. Some individuals see natural hair as not just the physical state but as an inner change, a deeper meaning of self-evolving while others see just hair. I on the other hand see both. As I have stated before on UBB who am I to judge, after all I have met a plenty of natural sistas that were wrapped up in their own world while I have met many women of color rockin weaves, wigs and everything in between who have deep roots in their communities and are making a difference. Yes, the physical is what we automatically see and sometimes presumptions can get the best of us but my parents taught me long ago, never judge a book by its cover there can be so much more to discover inside!

This is not a new discussion, in fact a frequently discussed topic on other forums but something that has not been touched on UBB so I am very curious to know your views. Of course this is just my humble opinion and I realize we all have our own so please feel free to share yours!

If you wear a weave, extensions or wig are you considered Natural or Not and why?