This past past Sunday I went to Don Pedro’s restaurant with my some of my favorite beautiful people (and future UBB interviewees), who are all rockin the full spectrum of natural from kinks to coils to straight. From top left to bottom left: My sis and musician TK Wonder, me (in the purple), Maliza and Kristin. We decided to have another one of our get together brunches aka “Sex in the City Urban Bush Babe da fied”, at a place called Don Pedro’s in NY on 2nd Ave and 96th street.


Don Pedro’s serves Latin Caribbean food and specialty drinks. With excellent service, the staff only added to the greatness of the ambiance so thank you and at 20 dollars per person for a 3 course meal and unlimited sangrias you really can’t beat the price! Can I here a Amen! Hope you enjoy the pics below of my girls and I just being silly :)




Funny Faces :)


Also pictured here with the very sweet Imdre from Lithuanina.