I wanted to make a video talking about my diagnosis of both ADHD and Anxiety Disorder (GAD) at the age of 31. I was professionally diagnosed by a brain specialist (Doctor). Mental illness and brain disorders aren’t easy to talk about because there are a lot of stigmas and strong opinions that oppose each other. I feared opinions that opposed mine until I realized that no one can be me, no one knows the torment and hardships that someone else has to live through day in and day out. It’s very debilitating and many beautiful people have taken their lives. Many people don’t understand unless they’re experiencing it themselves. I believe we need to educate ourselves, have more open dialogues, and be less judgmental and more open minded. I wasn’t able to cover everything I wanted to talk about in this video, but maybe I will do another video if people have anymore questions.


If you have been struggling with anxiety and/or depression your whole life, don’t feel like it’s happening to you because you haven’t prayed enough or don’t have enough faith, don’t believe that all medications are bad, don’t take advice from people who aren’t knowledgeable on mental illness or disorders unless they are presenting you with concerns and suggesting you get professional help, or have actual experience with mental illness and disorders.
I hope this video and sharing my own personal journey with ADHD and anxiety disorder/depression will help someone who really needs the help.

To learn more about ADHD and how the brain works while being effected by mental illness and disorders, I recommend two videos by leading brain Doctor, Dr. Amen (Healing ADDChange Your Brain Change Your Life ). They are wonderful and more than insightful!!!