I’m excited to introduce the first video of the “At Home with Nikisha” series presented by the website Pineapple.life! In this video I make a guilt free, gluten free “Apple Coconut Crisp” (the healthy version of Apple Crisp). I also talk about what ingredients make it a healthy dessert!


In this new series filmed at my house I will be sharing all things home, from cooking healthier recipes to DIY: beauty care, home remedies, home improvement, home decor, and crafts for yourself and loved ones! You guys will be at home with me as I find ways to live healthy and fresh while on a budget! Just call me the young Martha Stewart!


Head on over to pineapple.life for upcoming videos of the full series as well as more fresh content and a fresh life at home. Also look out for #athomewithnikisha


Disclaimer: beware of my goofball tendencies throughout this series. You have been warned!


I hope you guys enjoy the video below! Follow me on my personal IG @nikishabrunson and follow pineapple.life @pineapplelifeofficial