The moringa leaf is the next superfood and maybe the world’s most nutritious green. It contains more nutrients and natural remedies than your body knows what to do with. There is evidence that this plant has the potential to kill bacteria and parasites, fight diabetes, lower blood pressure, and reduce inflammation throughout the body. Check out the benefits of it’s internal use (supplement) and external/topical use (oil) below:


Benefits of taking Moringa internally:

- Each supplemental serving contains more than 90 different vitamins and minerals

- More than 4 times the fiber of oats. Fiber is essential for proper digestion.

- It has 25x more iron than spinach

- It has 3x more potassium than bananas

- It has 4x more vitamin A than carrots

- It has 4x the calcium of milk

- It has 7x the vitamin C of oranges

- It packs as much protein as eggs or milk

- Increases the Natural Defenses of the body (boosts immune system)

- Acts as an antioxidant

- Beautifies the skin

- Promotes energy

- Supports the normal sugar levels of the body

- It is an anti-inflammatory



Moringa Oil Benefits (topical only)    

- Builds collagen fibers and minimize the appearance of fine wrinkle lines (Vitamin A)

- Minimizes the appearance of fine wrinkle lines. (Vitamin C)

- Improves moisturizing, softness and smoothness. (Vitamin E)

- Delays the aging process

- Helps build collagen which improves skin conditions

- Is a natural healing emollient

- Helps with dry, rough skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

- Protects your skin from environmental damage

- Helps improve scalp circulation (which aids in preventing hair loss)

- Helps improve split ends in hair


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