I am really excited to share my interview Nikisha: on ADHD, Motherhood, Grace, & Forgiveness from an amazing website for women and by women with ADHD  called Kaleidoscope Society. One of my biggest passions is being an advocate for people with ADHD (my son and I have been diagnosed with it). There are many misconceptions about it and a lot of people who don’t take it as seriously as other disorders like, austism, bi-polar, etc. By sharing my story I hope to clear up a lot of the misconceptions that are widespread throughout society, and also shed light on how serious this disorder needs to be taken. I also want to let others know they are not alone and there are ways that someone with ADHD can live a successful life. Read part of my interview below:

3 Fun Facts About You

I’m an undercover comedian who loves to make people laugh.
I got to take pottery classes in undergrad and plan on going back to it sometime within the next month, I love it!
I’m obsessed with music.
What are some superpowers that come from having ADHD?
Definitely the sensitivity, the creativity, the intelligence, and the ability to multitask. Creativity, that’s the top. Because I come up with the craziest, most creative ideas which I feel like it can only come from an ADHD mind. I feel like every person I’ve met with ADHD is smart. We are emotional and sensitive. We tend to be connected to things more, we notice things, our hearing is heightened, our taste is heightened, everything is heightened. Those are definitely positive aspects of ADHD. Another strength is adventure because we are always seeking the next thrill, we are very inquisitive and wanting to do something new. If you are in the life of someone that has ADHD you get to experience all of that.


What advice would you share regarding ADHD and relationships?
Make sure that you are with somebody who takes ADHD seriously and is willing to put in the time and effort to learn this important part of who you are. This is something my husband continues to do. If they have grace and patience with you then it will make your relationship stronger.

If your significant other doesn’t take it seriously, they are going to try to force you to be somebody that you are never going to be, or they are going to have a standard for you that you are never going to be able to reach.
You want a partner who can understand “Okay, well this is who this person is, and I accept them for who they are, and the things that they are able to work on.” Someone who can give you loving reminders like “Hey, you forgot to do a thing,” or “Maybe you want to do it this way.” Someone who just knows what sets you off, what your triggers are and in the most loving way possible can say “You don’t have to yell,” or “No need to get frustrated.”


Read the rest of my interview at Kaleidoscope Society.