Emma not featured in picture  above but via : heelsandliquor

I started growing my hair to prove a point. To prove that natural hair can be long and beautiful. All I proved was that long hair…means work. Long straight hair, long curly hair, long kinky hair, long (dread)locked hair, long hair period. I’m tired of going through various different products and spending hours doing my hair. This is not because I have natural hair! This is because my hair is longer than 8 inches. I miss my hats, I miss swimming in the pool w/o bringing a tool kit, I miss my freedom! Hats: i miss the blank canvas my bald head gave me for trying out fierce and different styles. Also my product budget took over my clothes budget. Swimming: Longer hair has caused me to cut back on exercise because i have to think about my hair. Freedom: I miss my relationship with my hair. Ever since my hair started growing out i feel like the audience became the director. Now i’m almost scared to cut my hair because of other people…and that means this is the right time to do it. #nohairdontcare

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