Cipriana Quann and TK Quann: “The street-style rookies with the most amazing hair debut on our list at No. 8. We can’t wait to see what else they come up with this week.” -The Cut


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Featured Photo: courtesy Getty Images by Melodie Jeng


The 19 Best-Dressed People From New York Fashion Week, Day 1

via: The Cut
Photos below: Youngjun Koo


Throughout fashion month, the Cut is ranking street-stylers on their outfits, crowning a winner of our Golden Peacock medal each time. Last year’s winner and Amazon Fashion’s NYFW Style Expert, Shiona Turini, will help us filter through all of the photos shot by Youngjun Koo to pick out the best dressed of the bunch. Agree? Disagree?


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Vanessa Hong 18#18 Vanessa Hong
Danielle Prescod And Gabby Prescod 15 #15 Danielle Prescod And Gabby Presco
Catherine Lerer Anderson 13 #13 Catherine Lerer Anderson

Granny-Chic Model12

#12 Granny-Chic Model Anderson

Zlata Mangafic 11

#11 Zlata Mangafic


#8 Cipriana Quann (r), TK Quann (L)

Mase Younglord 7

#7 Mase (Younglord)
Tamu McPherson 3 #3 Tamu McPherson
Anna Wintour 2 #2 Anna Wintour
Judging Process:


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