With warm weather finally breaking in New York, one of my favorite pastime excursions is finding some of the best brunch spots in the city. As a self-acclaimed avid foodie, I have a 3 point system in rating what restaurants make the cut.

1. Ambiance (decor, patrons, service) 
2. Price (including drinks specials)
3. Cuisine (quality, taste, quantity)
I think my system is pretty self-explanatory but in my eyes one doesn’t work without the other. I mean great ambiance, and a steal of a meal is a definite must have but lets get real, they will never trump over quality and taste, so yes, to make the cut all three are required, and Pampano does just that.
Located east midtown in NY, Pampano boasts an array of impressive, unique and delectable mix of coastal-Mexican cuisine from Chef Richard Sandoval. With an option of indoor or outdoor seating you can enjoy small style platters, perfect for sharing, tasting or my favorite option, just order a plethora of dishes for yourself!  OH and does the plethora a runneth over, with Spicy & Shrimp & GritsBlack Sea Bass; chipotle sauce / bean purée / plantain chutney / tortilla, Pancakes; caramelized bananas / maple rum, Chicken & Waffles; maple-dijon sauce / bacon, Coconut-Guajillo Shrimp TacosPotato-Chorizo SlidersGrilled Steak; black bean purée / onion / manchego cheese / crispy flatbread and Fried Eggs; black bean purée on a corn tortilla, but the great part of this selection is that this is just a tip of the iceberg, along with some of the best guacamole in town. Though, what really ups the ante on this brunch spot is one word…”bottomless”! YES, not only unlimited dishes (if that wasn’t enough) but unlimited margaritas, bloody marys and sangria.
Pampano infuses quality with affordability, proving you don’t have to sacrifice taste for a NYC brunch deal…bottomless has never looked so good. 


photos: Cipriana Quann
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