Click Read More + Comment for additional photos. Inspired by so many of you, I reached out to Niurka and asked her to share her personal and successful regimen in the fight against fibroids, ultimately leading not only to improved health but a successful pregnancy. Below is Niurka’s detailed regimen and foreword to all of you.

*Remember despite Niurka’s qualifications, research and experience she makes note to consult medical professionals you trust to see if this is the right regimen or if altercations are needed specifically for you.



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“I am deeply moved and touched by all of the Urban Bush Babes fans that have commented on Instagram, Facebook, and on the site, especially those who are currently going through the struggles of infertility. Attached is a sheet demonstrating what I did to reduce the size of my fibroids and conceive my daughter.  I hope before anyone takes the supplements I took that they do their research on and in books to decide if these options would work for them. If there is one thing I would want those women to know once they conceive their children (and I have no doubt each and every one of them will), is this: fibroids not only affect a woman’s fertility, but once with child, they can also cause troubling signs during pregnancy.  I spent much of my first trimester bleeding heavily because of my fibroids.  No one ever told me that could happen, so I was petrified. Later, I learned that heavy bleeding happens often with women who are pregnant and have large fibroids; it is not, in and of itself, a sign that there is something wrong with the pregnancy and birth.

Anyway, all of those women are all in my thoughts and their kind words of support are most appreciated. I really hope these notes help.” –Niurka


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Hair Relaxer Use and Risk of Uterine Leiomyomata in African-American Women by Wise LA, Palmer JR, Reich D, Cozier YC, Rosenberg L.

Healing Fibroids: A Doctor’s Guide to a Natural Cure by Allan Warshowsky, MD and Elena Oumano

Fibroids: The Complete Guide to Taking Charge of Your Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Well-Being by Johanna Skilling, MD

Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition by Marilyn M. Shannon

Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control and Pregnancy Achievement by Toni Weschler, MPH

The Gerson Therapy: The Proven Nutritional Program For Cancer and Other Illness by Charlotte Gerson and Morton Walker, DPM

Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson & Beata Bishop


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Do these for 3 consecutive days per week, followed by three days off, than another three days on the pack. Dr Warshowsky’s book (Healing Fibroids Naturally) goes over how to do these packs or you can view this video

Items needed:

-  White, wool flannel cloth

Plastic sheet (to protect your bed or couch)

-  An electronic heating pad

Large bath towel to wrap the entire pack

Hexane free castor oil

Poke Oil (AKA Phytolacca), 4-5 drops of poke oil should be added to 1-2 oz of Castor oil and massaged where you feel the fibroids than you can begin the pack.






Omega Pure 780 EC (Fish Oils), one pill two times per day

Chasteberry (AKA Vitex), one pill two times per day.  This helps to balance progesterone and shrink smaller sized fibroids.

Green Tea 600 by Xymogen, one pill two times per day

Conjulean 1000 by Xymogen, one pill two times per day

Curcuplex CR by Xymogen, one pill two times per day

ProGreens by NutriCology (one scoop with plain water first thing in the morning)

Vitamin E (400IU) with selenium (50-100mcg) taken midday





OptiCleanse GHI by Xymogen  (start with ½ scoop and increase to 2-3 scoops/day)

Metafiber by Metagenics (start with ½ scoop/ day and increase GRADUALLY to 2-4 scoops/day)

Ground Flax Seeds 2-4 tablespoons/ day

-  Fruit with high glycemic such as apples, berries, or bananas

-  Blended Oil:

1 tbsp of Udo’s Choice

1 tbsp of Barleans High Lignan Flax Oil, or 1 tbsp of Enzymatic Therapy Flax Plus

*No need to add this blend oil if you’re taking fish oils in capsule form

Rice milk, almond milk, water or any combination, add enough fluid to desired consistency




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  1. When trying to conceive, in addition to having sex every other day (no less than that and not every day), BOTH partners should take supplements even if only one is struggling with fertility. Note it will take around 12 weeks for the man’s sperm to be affected by the vitamins, so the earlier he starts the better.
    1. For Him: Astaxanthin, 16 mg/ day and Androvite for Men, 6 tablets daily
    2. For Her: Prenatal Vitamins
  1. Chart menstrual cycles for at least three months.

 Pregnant 2

Learn how to chart with the book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control and Pregnancy Achievement by Toni Weschler, MPH.  Make note of anything suspicious in your cycles, such as:

-  Short luteal phases

-  Low morning temperatures

-  If ovulation does not occur

-  Lack of the appropriate type of cervical mucus


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  1. See your gynecologist. Make sure he or she looks at your charts.  If you haven’t already done so within the last six months, get:
    1. Pap smear
    2. Ultrasound
    3. Prescription for prenatal vitamins (the sooner you get on these, the better for your baby)
    4. A referral for an MRI
  1. Get an MRI for fibroids. I would start by first calling your health insurance company and finding out if they cover MRI’s.  If they do, find out if your doctor needs to receive pre-approval in order to do an MRI. Once you work out the details, reach out to your Primary Care Physician or Gynecologist to get the MRI referral. You may need to be persistent.  Insist on this exam. Do not let anyone convince you that an ultrasound alone is sufficient. At the end of the MRI, request a CD ROM recording the exam and a written report. Have these with you at home and take them to all of your doctor’s appointments. Your gynecologist and fertility specialist should be sent these results. From the MRI you should find out the following:

-  How many fibroids do I have?

-  Where are they located?

-  What is the size of each?

  1. See a fertility specialist, preferably after having charted for at least three cycles, make sure he or she sees your fertility charts and your MRI. Request the following exams:

-  An ultrasound to assess your ovaries and uterus

-  An HSG (Hysterosalpingogram) in order to find out the condition of your uterine cavity and to confirm that your fallopian tubes are open.

-  Blood tests:

- FSH/ LH/ Estradiol (to check your ovarian reserve)

- Pre-pregnancy Screen (Blood type and Rh Factor, Rubella titer, and Varicella)

- Prolactin, TSH (hormone tests)

  1. See an allergist and get a full environmental and food allergy screening.
  1. Seek out an acupuncturist and herbalist…


that specialize in women’s health, specifically fibroids. Make sure he or she has your gynecologist’s and your fertility specialist’s records, including your MRI and allergist findings

-  Acupuncture should be done at least once per week; you may be a good candidate for electroacupunture (EA) on the week of your period.

-  The herb formulation I like best requires you take two teas (one for when you don’t have your period, and one for when you are menstruating).  If you bleed heavily, however, this may not be the best formulations for you, so trust your practitioner and his or her recommendations. Note, these teas are meant to clear out the fibroids and should not be taken when trying to conceive.

Formula for when you are not menstruating:

He Huan Pi (15g), Yuan Zhi (12g), Suan Zao Ren Chao Fried (12g), Dang Shen (15g), Fu Shen (15g), Gan Cao Zhi (6g), Bai Shao (15g), Xiang Fu (15g), Qing Pi (12g), Zhe Bei Mu (30g), Tao Ren (15g)

Formula for when you’re menstruating:

He Huan Pi (15g), Tao Ren (9g), Chuan Niu Xi (9g), Pu Huang (9g), Wa Leng Zi (30g), Wang Bu Liu Xing (30g), Xiang Fu (12g), Bai Shao (15g), Dang Shen (15g), Chai Hu (9g), Gan Cao Zhi (6g)


8. If you can, make an appointment to see Dr Warshowsky at his practice in Rye, NY.  The best time to see him is one week before your period. Two weeks before your appointment, make sure to send him the following:

-  The written MRI report

-  Results from your last pap smear from your gynecologist

-  Results from the Ultrasound, Blood work, and HSG taken by your fertility specialist

-  Three months worth of your charted cycles (as demonstrated in Taking Charge of Your Fertility)


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*I also avoided all dairy, eggs, and soy, purchased organic foods when possible, and drank a tablespoon of black strap molasses every day (adding the molasses to a smoothy helps to mask the strong flavor).


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