Via: Cosmopolitan Magazine

Fashion Editor: James Worthington Demolet

By: Loni Venti


Identical twins and Insta stars TK and Cipriana Quann flaunt Springs hottest beauty looks with slight tweaks because it’s all about rocking a trend your way.

Photographer: Jason Kim
Hair Stylist: César DeLeön Ramirêz and Quann Sisters
Manicurist: Michina Koide


Cosmo: What inspired you to start your site?

Cipriana: My frustration with the modeling industry in 2011 my hair was always an issue I was constantly being told to straighten it or mimic some stereotypical standard like waves or coiled curls something didn’t seem right about that standard.
Cosmo: You reach more than half 1 million women on the site and on social what is your secret to your success?

Cipriana: I think people recognize we are about more than just fashion and hair. For us, it’s about promoting self love to feel confident in being who you want to be, despite the judgments of others. That resonates with those looking for a deeper connection.
Cosmo: What’s the best part about working together?

TK: We inspire each other which creates this circle of creativity.
Cosmo: What makes Urban Bush Babes so inspiring?

TK: The content surrounding women of color really resonate with people. We are firm believers that the all American beauty is no longer this perpetuated ideology of being blonde and blue eyed. America is diverse…so is the all American beauty.
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