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“The best looks spotted around and about the shows”  -Vogue 
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Vogue Phil Oh 2Photo: Phil Oh

“The best looks spotted around and about the shows” -Vogue

Vogue Phil Oh

Photo: Phil Oh


“Best Seats: NYFW Fall 2015 Front Row” -Harper’s Bazaar



Photo: BFA

“The best streetstyle from New York Fashion Week” -Elle
Elle Tyler Joe

 Photo: Tyler Joe

“As another NYFW comes to a close, check out the best of street style at all the shows.” -DVF
“Best Streetstyle from NYFW” -Popsugar
Popsugar Mark Iantosca

 Photo: Mark Iantosca

 ”The coolest hair at New York Fashion Week” -Elle and ”The Coolest Strands From New York Fashion Week: Is hair worship a thing? We’ll gladly convert for these two natural ladies” -Marie Claire 
elle Kathryn Wirsing

 Photo: Kathryn Wirsing

“Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder just dominated the hair game. And, while they were at it, they did the same with the style game. And the sunglasses game. And what are those lip colors?” -MSN
BFA R29 2

 Photo: Victorian Adamson

“Sisters Cipriana and Takenya Quann at Lincoln Center. The girls with larger-than-life hair strut side by side donning maxi skirts and coats.” -Yahoo Style
Yahoo Style Nabile Quenum

 Photo:  Nabile Quenum


nyfw15_twins_snappylifestyle r

TK Quann (L), Cipriana Quann (R)

Photo: Adrian Morales