Click Read More/Comment for pictures. Critically acclaimed director, Quentin Tarantino has brought us cult classics with Reservoir Dogs, Dusk Till Dawn, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Sin City, Deathproof, Inglorious Bastards and now the highly anticipated Django Unchained takes its place amongst the coveted list. Starring Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L Jackson, Kerry Washington, James Remar, Don Johnson and unannounced
celebrity appearances, Django Unchained brings a new twist to the cinematic screen that is rarely seen.

Inspired by the 1966 western, ‘Django’ (a reputation as one of the most violent films of its time) starring Franco Nero who also makes a cameo appearance, Django Unchained will be Tarantino’s first full-fledged Western but of course in typical quintessential Tarantino style, constructing a new genre all together, the film which Tarantino calls a “Southern” sets in pre-civil war south.

The story follows a recently recruited slave named Django (Foxx) whose freedom during a slave auction fell at the hands of Dr. King Schultz (Waltz) a German Dentist turned Bounty Hunter. Dr. Schultz propositions the opportunity to mentor Django in the art of bounty hunting for the sole purpose of one mission, to find and exterminate the brutal Brittle Brothers which is why the relationship was formed in the first place…Django is one of the few living witnesses to have seen the true identity of the brothers who are responsible for the kidnapping and sale of Django’s wife Broomhilda (Washington). Freed from the slave auction, Django has the chance to win complete freedom if he accepts the terms and in return not only will Dr Schultz grant Django his freedom but help rescue his enslaved wife, from the sadistic plantation owner Calvin Candie (DiCaprio) and his vindictive gang of slavers. Needless to say Django accepts but is unaware of the whereabouts of who actually has his wife. The two soon proceed on a killing spree hunting down every plantation owner until they find their marks.

Set for a December 25th release, just in time for Christmas this is one film I will be eagerly awaiting but until then checkout out the sneak preview here –> Django Unchained