OUCH!!! Got damn bobby pins! Yet another has snatched a strand from my head! To ensure you save all your hair and precious scalp from heartache make sure the tips of your bobby pins have not frayed or lost their protective cover. I know the simple state of a frayed bobby pin may seem harmless but don’t be fooled ladies this is a lion in sheep’s wool. Avoid being duped your best friend has now become your frienemy because you are now at risk, should I dare say it… dun, dun, dun strand lost and at the moment this may seem harmless with a few strands pulled here and there but over time this can be more detrimental than you think and if the tip of the protective cover is gone all together you have compromised your strands to breakage as the uncovered tip of the bobby pin acts as a dull knife and for fine strand hair ladies this means your hair is about to snap, crackle and pop. For years I was guilty of thinking I could save my damaged  bobby pins and just maneuver the damaged tips within my hair but don’t be fooled, this friend has now turned frienemy. Would you rather save some damaged bobby pins or hair? So if your friend has turned foe leave it the hell alone!