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Wanting to find a way to share her artistic talents despite the barriers in Hollywood, Rain says “I wasn’t black enough to be black, I’m not white enough to be white…unique wasn’t in yet.”




Ahead of her time in many ways, Rain knew she was different from an early age and that fact only became more apparent as she grew older. In That Daughter’s Crazy, viewers learn that Richard Pryor leaves the family home before Rain is even a year old and her mother struggles to make ends meet in the ‘middle class’ section of Beverly Hills. Rain spends time at her father’s mansion growing up and eventually moves in with him as a teenager. She shares his affections with an entourage of hookers and partygoers but despite all this, she describes Richard as an involved and loving father. So, not only does the girl in the mirror with cocoa-colored skin and wild hair look different, she has a famous father with an extremely public lifestyle.



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Long before the age of social media, in the 1980’s, Beverly Hills High is the gossip capital of the world. The school is crawling with the children of celebrities, so “inside” news travels fast and Rain is bullied and mocked relentlessly and regularly. She learns to adapt to the environment, capturing her father’s attention when she’s able, while navigating her mother’s growing hostility towards his indulgent way of life.That Daughter’s Crazy shows Rain in present-day, forging her own way as an entertainer, sometimes emulating her father with stand-up comedy, but constantly aware of and avoiding the demons that have ultimately become part of her father’s legacy. 



That Daughter’s Crazy, directed by Elzbieta Szoka and produced by Paradox Smoke Productions, is a portrait of Rain Pryor, daughter to legendary comedian Richard Pryor. Rain grew up during an era when race, ethnicity and religion caused her constant internal and external conflict. The award-winning film unveils her vibrant and complicated life as a black Jewish girl looking for self-identity and recognition in Hollywood, and a woman coming to terms with the loss of her father and learning to be a mother. That Daughter’s Crazy takes scenes from Rain’s one-woman stage show and intertwines them with personal interviews and anecdotes from Rain, her grandmother Bunny, and mother Shelley, for an intimate depiction of life as one of Richard Pryor’s progenies.


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“Today I have this beautiful child with her gold skin and her big gold hair that has to know that she’s ok in the world as she is, and it’s for us to change perception” – Rain Pryor


Part of the African Diaspora International Film Festival held at Columbia University, ‘That Daughter’s Crazy’ premieres in NY this Saturday, January 10TH at 8PM. A Q&A with Rain Pryor and cocktail reception will follow the screening. For more info or to purchase tickets click here




*For those not in the NY tri-state area or unable to attend the screening “That Daughter’s Crazy” is available on DVD




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