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Cipriana and TK Quann are more than just two of the most stylish twin sisters we know.
The ladies of Urban Bush Babes are also fearless, inventive and totally original in their take on fashion and beauty.
That’s why we’re thrilled to feature them in our #SheCan social campaign with NASDAQ, in which we highlight female entrepreneurs who have disrupted the business landscape and changed their industries for the better.
Check out what they shared with us below!


What did you feel was missing in the industry, and how does UBB seek to fill this need?
Cipriana: The lack of mainstream media representation of the multi-faceted lives of women of color, in daily doses from a non-idealistic form of beauty and a non-traditional point of view. Whether it be lifestyle, fashion, arts & culture, natural hair or health, we produce content in changing perceptions about beauty or other creative expressions. Creating a platform where embracing one’s unique self is celebrated and coloring outside the lines is not only welcomed, but encouraged.


What are your suggestions for making things more equal between men and women in the workplace?
TK: Changing the mentality of those who incessantly continue to exhort this dynamic, and being vocal about doing so. Of course it’s easier said than done, particularly with women who have firsthand experience with this dynamic being implemented as the norm and have vacillation due to trepidation of losing their positions with backlash from male administrators or executives with higher pay grades. However, we know that being silent in the face of adversity or injustice is not the catalyst for change.


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