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Via: Italia Vogue

By Yomi Abiola


Redressing the Crown


Her work speaks for itself and yet Joanne Piéf doesn’t know what to call herself, she waivers between Hair sculptress, Braidologist, and Hair designer.


Joanne Piéf


To any eye, the work of Joanne Piéf is art. What started off as a childhood passion, mixed in with historical references and a struggle to express her own true identity, resulted in the creation of a series of sculptures titled Redressing the Crown.





The Brooklyn born artist started braiding hair for family members at the age of 11. On completion of her education at New York’s Fashion Institute, Piéf went on to work at Ralph Lauren, where she says the braids she wore were always a source of fascination. The artist, like many other women went through her own hair struggles.




“We speak through our hair, consciously or unconsciously,” she explains. Piéf recalls removing her braids and opting for a chemically treated relaxed look before going on a job interview, “I just wanted to look more acceptable,” she says “I didn’t get the job, but I don’t regret what I did.” At this juncture, the artist faced a question that many women face “Am I good/beautiful enough with a certain hair texture?”



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