Urban Bush Babes selected as 1 of  Refinery 29s “12 beauty blogs that every natural-haired girl should bookmark“.  We are more than ecstatic to be featured! Hear what Refinery 29 had to say below.


via: Refinery 29

by: Sydney Scott  

Photo: Janelle Jones


As women everywhere continue embracing their curls and throwing creamy crack to the side, the natural-hair movement only continues to gain more supporters. Seriously, over the past five years, hair relaxers have steadily declined and more and more women are deciding to sport the kinky coils they were born with. But, making the decision to go natural and having the tools and knowledge you need to make that strand shift are two different things. Enter: natural-hair blogs. When it comes to natural hair, everyone has an opinion, everyone’s an expert. But, no need to wade through the sea of blogs to find the best — the work has already been done for you. We’ve scoured the web to bring you the 12 best blogs for ladies with kinky coils and transitioning tresses. Need to figure out how to style your teeny-weeny Afro? Don’t understand why you’re hair isn’t retaining moisture? These blogs have all your answers. And, if you’re not ready to ditch relaxers just yet, that’s fine; the ladies behind these blogs can still help you achieve healthy hair. 

Urban Bush Babes


Written by two ladies in different time zones, Nikisha in Texas and Cipriana in New York, Urban Bush Babes considers not only natural hair, but the culture surrounding it. Launched two years ago, when both ladies resided in Brooklyn, the blog has gained a dedicated following. Interviews with the likes of Danielle Brooks of Orange Is The New Black and Solange undoubtedly keep readers hooked, but it’s the women’s personal experiences that readers can really relate to.


Both ladies dig deep into their experiences and posts often read like excerpts from a diary. Nikisha, raised by a single mother and a victim of bullying and sexual abuse, struggled with her image and self-esteem. Cipriana, who dealt with racism at an early age in rural Maryland, was also no stranger to bullies but was raised in a tight-knit family. These ladies bring varied experiences, but their stories always resonate with readers. Their take on natural hair isn’t just about protective styling and conditioners, but a look into how it’s perceived in society. Their mission is to inspire, and they do one heck of a job. -Refinery 29


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