In honor of national sibling day I am ecstatic to share Refinery 29‘s “Siblings with Incredible Genes”, an interview series featuring 4 sets of siblings making waves in creative ways.  Join my sister, TK Wonder & I, Rachel & Jack Antonoff, Evan & Eddie Huang, and Piera (executive creator director of Refinery 29) & Pepin Gelardi as we share our most intimate sibling moments…and believe me you will definitely discover something you never knew! 


4 Siblings With Incredible Genes


Via: Refinery 29
by: Gina Marinelli
Photos: Winnie Au


It’s probably been a while since you and your siblings were like peas in a pod: making up stories, borrowing (okay, stealing) clothes, and doing weird things that were only not weird to you. Don’t deny it. There are awkward family photos to prove it.


But, the brothers and sisters in the slideshow ahead have not only grown up, they’ve moved on in seriously impressive ways. They’ve won Grammys, written best-selling books, and, yes, even helped launch R29. So, in honor of National Siblings Day (April 10), meet four sets of siblings — brothers, sisters, and twins, too — who’ve grown out of bunk beds, but still share the same sick pairs of genes.



Makeup: Sophie Haig 

When you tell people about your sister, what’s the one thing you’re most proud to brag about?

 TK: “What is there not to brag about this woman? I could go on and on, but I’m very proud that my identical twin is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of a wonderful site called Urban Bush Babes, a site that focuses on multicultural topics, fashion, music, natural hair, health, social issues, and all that she finds inspiring and enlightening. I am so very inspired by her and what she does and the conscientious effort she made in paving a new and unique direction for UBB. She is incessantly working on the site, so that now, when I call her, I never ask what she is doing. I always ask, ‘So, what post are you working on?’ Her tenacity and work ethic exhorts the same within myself. She was just recently featured in’s mini documentary series called ‘My Life In Vogue,’ highlighting her work and everyday life. They couldn’t have chosen a better candidate.” 


Cipriana: “Well, since I talk about my twin sister ALL THE TIME (no, literally), I think the one thing I brag about the most is her work ethic or ethics alone. No nepotism required, but not only is she literally one of the most amazing and talented lyricists/singers — opening for Sting, Erykah Badu, Justice, Prodigy, N.E.R.D, Nas, The Hives, The Gossip, Raphael Saadiq, and Talib Kweli — but a songwriter, as well, writing ALL of her own material. Last year she performed in front of a crowd of a half-million people at the Poland Woodstock Festival; one of the largest rock festivals in the world, and was also chosen by Q-Tip and Stretch Armstrong as the 2013 Music Award winner for competition for her notable skill for rapping, singing, and songwriting. I really could go on and on, but bragging has to stop at a certain point before it begins to look obnoxious. Seriously, she works at her craft every day and really is the physical manifestation of passion and motivation, all while defining humbleness at its utmost.” 



What would you say is your sister’s coolest personality trait? What’s her weirdest?

TK: ”She has quite a few cool personality traits. One of them is her determination. Weirdest one? Is it weird to say I don’t think she has a weird personality trait. Or, maybe that just means I’m weird and can’t recognize her weird trait because if you’re already weird it might prove difficult to pick up on weirdness in someone else. I have been told I’m weird more then once. Yeah, I just made that complicated.” 


Cipriana: “At the core, we are just huge nerds, but if I pick the ‘coolest’ I would say just how cool she is. She is one of the most calm and collected women I know (besides my mother), always noting the dramas in our lives fail in comparison to others, so we always have to see the positive. And, boy, does she exude this through every pore of her body. As for ‘weirdest,’ she is just weird, but that’s what makes her so damn cool.


What’s the longest length of time you and your sibling went without seeing each other?

TK: “Two to three months.”


Cipriana: “I would say about three LONG months out of the year when she goes overseas on tour during the summer for festival season. 

And, how often do you find that your paths cross in your professional life?

Cipriana: “Quite often, which is just how I like it. I tend to cover all of her endeavors and performances on my website. Plus, whenever I go to events, she is always my forever plus one. When I was invited by HBO to the Game of Thrones premiere, all of my friends were like ‘When is your sister going on tour again?’ They know if she is in town then there is no point in asking who I am taking.” 


TK: “As often as we like…I like to think.” 



Tell us a story about a time your sister got in trouble/got you into trouble. 

TK: “When I was in…”


Cipriana: “When we switched…”


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