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Even if you’re not familiar with identical twins Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder, you’ve probably seen them at one point or another. This year alone, they’ve been featured on ASOS, in W magazine, and campaigns for & Other Stories and Gap. You can also spot them in basically every street style roundup from the past couple of seasons. (Naturally, we’ve already documented their appeal, too.)While the sisters (TK, left; Cipriana, right) have stunning features and killer style, it’s their show-stopping natural hair that has caught (and held) our attention. We first found out about the Baltimore-born ladies after stumbling across Cipriana’s online publication Urban Bush Babes — she’s the cofounder and EIC — which serves as a resource for all things natural hair, fashion, lifestyle, and more. Once we realized she has a twin (and that no, we weren’t seeing double), who happens to be a trendy musician, we knew we had to get the dish on their larger-than-life tresses.
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[Scroll below] to read what we learned from the duo. In proper Damian fashion, there’s a reason their hair is so big — it’s full of secrets! (The good kind.)


What’s the earliest memory you have of your hair?


Cipriana Quann: “For me, probably our mother doing our hair. She was very patient and constantly taking care of [it]. Sitting down and watching Fame, and [her] combing and brushing our hair. I really enjoyed the process.”


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TK Wonder: “I also remember playing with my doll’s hair and trying to mimic how our mom did our hair, which is how I actually learned to braid and cornrow.”


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Why do you think there’s so much judgment among women about what we do to our hair?

TKW: “Insecurity, that’s what I think. Whenever people pass judgment…it’s because they’re insecure about something that’s going on inside themselves…and it affects the way they view others.”


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CQ: “I completely agree with that. I think people need to understand that everybody thinks differently, so we can’t place judgment. [We can't] think that just because someone relaxes their hair, they’re trying to be someone other than themselves. There’s this stigma that they’re trying to emulate this Eurocentric standard of beauty and, to be honest, not every woman thinks that. Some women relax their hair because they want easier management. It might not be the healthiest choice…but who am I to judge? For me, [going natural] meant more than hair — it was a psyche thing where it was affecting my well-being mentally. I was in an insecure place and, for me, transitioning to natural helped evoke all these things that helped me become who I was meant to be today.


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”TKW: “I’m purely speaking about women who are judgmental toward other women for being natural. I’ve had a lot of experience with that. I do have to say that women tend to admire longer natural hair and find it more [acceptable] than they do the shorter, Afro styles… I’ve had a lot of negative reactions to my hair when it was shorter and in its Afro’d state… I used to be called Macy Gray — and there’s nothing wrong with Macy Gray, I think her hair is beautiful — but it was said in a negative connotation… Natural hair, then, was not cool like it is now, and I was teased mercilessly for it… For me, personally, if you wear your hair relaxed, I’ll never be the person who’s like, ‘You should be natural because you’re not accepting your true self.’ At the end of the day, it’s only hair.”


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The natural hair movement is huge right now, and has been for the past couple of years. Where do you see it going?


CQ: “There’s this whole thing about it being a trend, but it’s not a trend because it’s what naturally grows from our heads. It’s always been here; it’s just that now more people are embracing it. I’m 200% sure that this is not going to fade out. I feel the movement getting stronger and stronger. The more women [come] out and [showcase] their natural beauty…it only inspires other women who might be hesitant to take that first step.


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TKW: “What she said! What more can I say? I see it expanding. I don’t think it’s a trend, and I think more women are catching on to the idea of natural hair. I know, for a lot of women, the workplace is a main concern… I’ve read countless stories about women in the workplace who wore their hair natural and got either positive or negative responses, so I know that’s a big [reason] some women…choose not to go natural. Also, I think there are a lot of hairstyles you can wear in the workplace… In the next few years, more women are going to be more comfortable in deciding whether they want to go natural and actually taking the steps to do so.”


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CQ: “I want to add that women who want to take the first step in going natural; it’s definitely not a rush… It took me over a decade to finally become comfortable wearing my natural hair… I went natural, but then I didn’t love the texture of my hair. I think women just need to know there’s no guilt in not loving their hair automatically… Like TK said, it takes patience — just give it some time.”


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What are your hair regimens? Which products do you use?


CQ:…To find out our current regimens/products, how our hair differs,our best hair advice and more, read our complete interview at Refinery 29 here


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