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It’s hard to deny how much other cities and cultures impact the way we dress — after all, where would we be without the effortless polish of Parisian style? With 24/7 access to sartorial inspiration from around the world (thanks, Instagram), our own style identities are becoming more and more globally influenced — a touch of New York edge here, a dose of London quirk there. But, despite the amount of time we spend with our eyes glued to our screens, absorbing all that our distant muses have to offer, nothing ever really compares to taking it in IRL.


So, that’s why we tapped three globe-trotting women to share how their transient lifestyles abroad have led to some of their best styling tricks. Up ahead, get to know singer-songwriter Sophie Auster, rapper and writer TK Wonder, and artist and poet Cleo Wade as they decode their internationally inspired style moves, featuring their favorite pieces and the latest collection from Armani Exchange. The best part is you can create these looks without hopping on a plane, although we wouldn’t blame you if you did.


TK Wonder, Rapper & Writer




What makes you a global woman?
“Besides the fact that I travel a lot, I’m culturally aware and conscious of what’s going on in the world. Sometimes people live in a bubble and don’t get to experience what’s outside of their own town. But, being aware opens up your horizons and opportunities.”


You’re known for your bold prints — is it hard to find ways to style these pieces when you’re on the road?
“Since you can’t bring your whole closet with you, I always have a solid-color blazer. You can always pair it with a much crazier print. It’s one of those pieces you can get a lot of great wear and tear out of and mix and match with so many different things you pack.”




Where will you be touring next?
“I tour every summer in Europe with a well-known artist from Macedonia; it’s become my second home. The people are very welcoming, and I’ve never felt uncomfortable there, especially being a woman of color (and the only woman of color for the majority of the time I’m there). It feels like a small town where everyone says hello.”


When you’re not touring in Europe, you spend your time in tropical settings like St. Lucia or the Solomon Islands. What about these islands’ style has you hooked?
“I am really drawn to the culture and the fashion because of my love for vibrant, colorful, and bold prints. In particular, New Caledonia — a part of the Solomon Islands — was a place that changed me once I left. It’s a magical place because of the native people, and the way that they dress — a lot of wrap skirts, beautiful prints, and color — really spoke to me. They were all so warm and friendly, and I felt like their clothing reflected their personalities.”




What’s your best shopping trick when hopping from country to country?
“I can honestly say that I don’t do a ton of shopping, barely any, when I’m on tour because I’m in work mode. I don’t wanna bore you, but the one item I keep buying when I’m away is…to find out the one item plus the impact that New York has had style wise, styling wardrobe on the road, onstage looks and more visit here