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Tis the season to be in love. And, with New York City being the epicenter of all things romance, especially during the holidays, who better to turn to for style insights than eight of our favorite couples? We asked the most adorable pairs across the city to cover all of the must-know seasonal bases, from how to dress for every type of party (yes, even ugly-sweater get-togethers) to the ins and outs of gift-giving (including those embarrassing presents they’d like to forget) — plus, their thoughts on why this time of year is the best. See, love actually is all around.

How long have you been together?

Cipriana: I will answer this, he will say it feels like yesterday but I know that is his code for “I can’t recall the exact date”, lol. We have been together for over 5 and half years.

Aaron: It feels like yesterday, lol


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How did you two meet?

Aaron: Well when we initially met 5 years prior to our relationship, she thought she knew me when we were working at the same venue, but I am an identical twin and she confused me with my brother, who she randomly would see at different events in the city (yes, she has an identical twin too…I know strange or maybe fate and no, her twin does not date my brother, lol). 

Long story short she went to Paris for modeling and we into bumped each other about 5 years later in Soho. Her twin was opening up for Nas and she invited me. I was like man, this drop dead beauty from another universe not only wants to hang, but is inviting me to see Nas perform..,win, win!
Cipriana: Even though I had randomly bumped into his twin brother at different events, I was never attracted to him, I thought he was extremely good looking but attraction, no. So when I finally met Aaron there was an instant connection and I thought it was weird since I never felt that spark before…little did I know it was a completely different person since they are identical twins.


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What holiday song describes your relationship?
Cipriana: “Baby It’s Cold Outside” by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer. The words of this song pretty much mirrors a situation around the holidays when I went to visit him during a blizzard, and he was trying to convince me to stay.
If you could give your SO ANYTHING (no $ limits, etc.) what would it be?
Aaron: The ability for my baby to have genie like abilities or an actual genie in a bottle. She works so damn hard on her website, even pulling all-nighters, it would be nice to see her have more time for herself, wiggle her little nose and just like that her work would be done! Heck, I would even be her genie in a bottle.

Cipriana: A literal generating… To read the complete interview including our most embarrassing gift, the best and worst part of being in a relationship during the holidays and much more click here


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