via: Refinery 29

by: Maria Del Russo


If you’ve taken a good scroll through Instagram lately (which, be honest, you have), you’ll notice that there’s so much hair inspiration out there. A little too much, actually; it can be kind of overwhelming to sort through. But, if you can wade through the white noise, you’ll come across a site or two that you won’t just flick through — you’ll be hypnotized by it. Proof: Urban Bush Babes.


A website started by two best friends, Urban Bush Babes is a destination for all things natural hair, fashion, and lifestyle. There are gorgeous manes here, sure, but the feed also features inspirational pics and quotes, food snaps, and beautiful photo editorials. The site and its Instagram really do prove this is about more than “just hair” — it’s a movement. But, it’s never exclusive; even ladies who don’t have natural hair will find inspiration here.


To give you a proper introduction to Urban Bush Babes, we’ve rounded up our favorite shots from its Instagram feed. Click through, and get ready to marvel at some gorgeous manes.

Insta-Stalking: Natural-Hair Envy With Urban Bush Babes



 "Sometimes no hair can make just as much of a statement as all of the hair."


 "It's as if they are willing their hair to look that amazing."


 "Talk about high volume!"


 "All together now: Awwwwwww."


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"How incredible is the color of this curly girl's hair?"



 ”Between the hair and the outfits, there is a whole lot of rad happening in this photo.” To view more of Refinery29′s favorite Urban Bush Babes instagram images click here