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by: Jinnie Lee

We’ve all been there — dreaming up cool business ideas with our BFFs. But, most of the time, those seeds of genius (or, creative tangents) never make it past scribbles on a cocktail napkin. It’s natural, wanting to conquer the world with your partner in crime. After all, you know everything about each other — real résumés, quirks, and hidden talents included.
So, we teamed up with LOFT to find the coolest besties in NYC who also happen to be in business together. The common thread? They’ve all made it their mission to empower women to be themselves, whether it’s through personal style or bold career choices. In the video below, meet four pairs of fashionable comrades: Stone Fox Bride‘s Molly Guy gushes on how she found her muse and now designer Caroline Forsling, Jean Stories co-founders Florence Kane and Jane Herman and The Muse co-founders Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew chat about how they escalated their friendships to new businesses, and co-founder Cipriana Quann of the blog Urban Bush Babes and editor in chief Alyse Archer-Coité of Maker Magazine share how they inspire each other in creating content that speaks to their unique audiences.

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