via: Refinery 29 

by: Leeann Duggan 

Photo: Mark Iantosca 
“This duo proves that you don’t need clownish colors and towering heels to command attention at fashion week. Click through to check out the look (and tip!) that inspired us today. 
Brooklyn-based musician TK Wonder and Cipriana Quann, Editor-in-Chief of the must-read natural hair and culture blog Urban Bush Babes, prove that you don’t need clownish colors and towering heels to command attention at fashion week. All due respect to Anna della Russo, but for us, this duo’s neutral vintage coats, great bags, and major hair statements are more striking than head-to-toe designer duds could ever be.” -Refinery 29


Lets just say I was extremely flattered to see such an incredible write-up on our style from Refinery 29, after the Jeremy Scott show during MADE fashion week, especially since everything we are wearing sans the shoes are vintage. I’m not exactly sure when my appreciation and love for vintage/thrifting came full circle, since it started at such a young age, but I do remember how it initiated. 


I was about 7 or 8 years old when my father started taking my sister and I to the local thrift/vintage stores. He taught us the patience to really pinpoint the “good stuff”, as he use to say, showing us how to browse through racks and shovel to the bottom of Goodwill bins, finding rare gems. We followed a motto that fashion and boxes did not mix, learning  to think outside of the box, setting the example that style had no boundaries and you make it your own, including the men’s section. I think back to it now, and it always brings a smile to my face, remembering two little twins with a mass of hair looking through the men’s section. Though my Mother loved vintage she teetered between department stores as well, while my father on the other hand was through and through vintage, wearing the most tailored , streamed line suits and fedora hats, if worn today, you may have thought they were custom designed straight off the runway.


Besides thrift/vintage shops, flea markets and yards sales also frequented the suburbs of our hometown, Maryland. Equivalent to the Brooklyn flea here in NY, my father would drive randomly to multiple yard sales and flea markets teaching us how to barter on the condition of a pieces, including furniture and random objects, learning to recognize imperfections as salvageable perfections…moments I will cherish with my sister forever.

I completely understand vintage/thrift shopping is not for everyone, and the thought of wearing someone’s else’s hand me downs is an unpleasant concept for others, but l believe everything has an energy and always wonder who previously wore what garment. Long story short fashion is fashion, another vehicle of self expression but at an early age the most important sentiment that has stayed with me all theses years is that style is limitless and can not be measured through a Designer’s name or price tag. 


*Also we saw Editor-at-Large and Creative Consultant, Anna della Russo of Vogue Japan after the Jeremy Scott show, and she was the sweetest. She asked us where we were from and told us we looked beautiful


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