Photo: Diego Villarreal
Excited to join forces with Refinery 29 and Clinique for their #faceforward social media campaign in inspiring us to make a promise to our future selves. My promise…to always believe in my own strength.
Feeling comfortable in your own skin and believing you can accomplish anything you put your mind to is just what I have always been passionate about. Knowing that the unfathomable diligence and power to make all of your dreams come to fruition lies within you. Sometimes we forget or fail to recognize our own strength, leaving doubts and frustration in our capabilities. Hey everyone has insecurities. it is what makes us human after all, but sometimes we let it take control and we underestimate our own strength. So today I say you can overcome those fears and believe in the power of…YOU! So join Refinery 29, Clinique and I by hashtagging #FaceForward and make a promise to your self to be fearless in your own skin with your best face forward.
R29 x Clinique #FaceForward