Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. Spicy seared tuna rolls, Lemon sake aioli crunchy shrimp, Falafel lettuce wraps, Halibut Sliders, Scallion bacon fried rice, Wok-seared cauliflower and Pineapple French toast accompanied by peach bourbon iced tea, mango mimosas and passion punch cocktails in unlimited access all for 35 dollars…too good to be true? Well this can be your reality at the Dohyo restaurant in the New York Yotel Hotel. This 18,000 sq. ft. hotel offers a one of a kind experience called Dohyo.

Named after a Japanese sumo wrestling ring this restaurant and lounge not only provides a Latin-Asian infused unlimited prefix brunch every Saturday and Sunday which includes a variety of all you can drink cocktails but an atmosphere that can only be described as an experience. With DJ’s playing a mix of the eighties and everything in between, one of the largest outside terrace in New York during the summer season and sunken floor areas occupied by long communal tables that have built in hydraulics which rise in and out of the floors, transforming this restaurant into a performance space. Now if long communal Japanese style seating isn’t your scene Dohyo provides booths and standard seating as well.

Music… great, ambiance… amazing and price range… a steal but let’s get to the point you want to know about the food! Well let’s just say the price range is a steal for caliber of taste for each and every dish in which renowned Chef Richard Sandoval creates the signature Latin Asian cuisine menus for Dohyo. The brunch menu provides a vast selection of mouth-watering cocktails and a choice of over fifteen amazing, delectable and tantalizing dishes served on small platters but do not be fooled by the size of the dishes. With unlimited access for two hours, fast, friendly and excellent service you will leave more than satisfied.

A cross between a traditional Japanese style seating or an up-scaled high school cafeteria for adults, in where everyone is the cool kid and belongs, Dohyo sets the tone for the ultimate Sunday brunch experience.


Dohyo Restaurant (4th FL of the Yotel Hotel)
570 Tenth AVE (42nd ST)
New York, NY 10036


The Space


The Cuisine