Click ‘Read More + Comment’ for additional photos. Spicy Ginger Pear with shaved coconut, Green & Black Tea with lychee and white peach or Tangy Citrus with Acai, and blackberry theses are just a few of the customizable flavors from Kelvin Natural Slush Co; a premium, all natural slush company that roams the streets of NYC in a big blue truck…think of your favorite childhood ice-cream truck “souped-up” in a grownup way without all the calories and all the benefits. With all natural ingredients, real fruit purées and all natural mix-ins like fresh chopped mint and basil, how could I not fall in love. 




Travel channel Television Personality, Chef, Food Writer and Co-Creator/Host/Consulting Producer, Andrew Zimmerman describes Kelvin’s frozen slushies as:


Cooling, refreshing, delicious”, “My lips to God’s ears, this is one of my must go to places.”  


No exaggeration, hands down, this is one of the best slushies I have ever had and was so excited I knew I had to share with all of you. So before the temperature drops completely on the east coast, click here to find a local Kelvin Natural Slush Co truck near you (also located nationwide as well).


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Me observing the line for the first time at the Kelvin Natural Slush Truck during Afro Punk festival, debating on waiting in a line that looks like this…



but decided to go for it and so glad I did!


IMG_6875 feature

I am going to be doing more restaurant food reviews because I know there are a lot of food lovers out there and I want to share the gems in New York and beyond <3