Click Read More Comment for additional photos. On Saturday, October 27th I had the chance to review “The Heiress”, a new Broadway revival of a critically acclaimed classic, written by Ruth and Augustus Goetz and directed by Tony Award®-nominated Playwright / Director, Moisés Kaufman. Held at the Walter Kerr Theatre in New York with a stellar award winning cast, “The Heiress” leaves no room to be disengaged. My friend or aka Partner in Crime, Tarah attended the show with me and we sat back to watch one of the most enthralling plays on Broadway this season.

Starring Oscar nominated Jessica Chastain (The Help) who portrays the socially introverted and ungainly, heiress, Catherine Sloper,  Dan Stevens (Downtown Abbey) stepping into the role of the mysterious newcomer and young admirer of Catherine Sloper, Morris Townsend then Oscar nominee and Emmy Award winner David Strathairn (Good Night and Good Luck, Temple Grandin) playing Catherine’s widower, emotionally abusive and cynical father , Dr. Sloper as well as two-time award winner Judith Ivey of (Steaming and Hurlyburly) completing the lead cast and balancing the cynicism with some optimism as the romantic and aunt of Catherine, Lavinia Penniman.

Adapted from the 1880 Henry James novel “Washington Square”, “The Heiress” follows Catherine Sloper who naively falls in love for the mysterious, newcomer Morris Townsend who her father, Dr. Sloper accuses of being a con artist after Catherine’s inheritance, which in modern day terminology Morris is the 20th century golddigger!

Dubbed as a classic drama, ““The Heiress” holds more cards up her sleeves than  just the “classic drama” for I was pleasantly surprised by the heavy element of comedic undertones; especially from actress Judith Ivey who plays Catherine Sloper’s aunt whose laugh along is extremely infectious.

Showing for a limited 18 week engagement, “The Heiress” is definitely a must see for any theatre enthusiast and if theatre is not your thing then believe me this will be a pleasant surprise!

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The Heiress



Jessica Chastain as The Heiress, Catherine Sloper with winner Dan Stevens as the persistent suitor Morris Townsend



Jessica Chastain with David Strathairn as Dr. Sloper, widower and pessimistic father of Catherine


Judith Ivey (R) as the optimistic aunt, Lavinia Penniman


(Photos by Joan Marcus)

With my girl Tarah after the show.



Ended the night by meeting my man who was super tired from work, lol but…


…the night turned around <3