“My favorite shoots allow me to play a character. For each shot I make up a story for who I am and why I am in this moment with this movement. Working with amazing clothes and a talented team allows me to easily tap into that fantasy,so I couldn’t be happier with the way “Wild Heart” turned out!” -Tarah Rodgers
Photo Aug 21, 11 20 20 AM
New York Based fashion publication; Risk Magazine does just that in their “Wildheart” editorial for the recently released “Color” issue. Photographed by Pavel Denisenko, styling by Irina Chernyak, makeup by Sofi Chernyak, and featured beauty, Tarah Rodgers of VNY Models as the muse, the story exudes a beautiful serenity yet a sense of longing, a mirage of stability continually battled by the restless warrior spirit…Wildheart.
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Photo Aug 21, 11 20 35 AM
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