Click ‘Read More + Comment’ for additional photos. Contemporary painters, Tim Okamura, Jerome Lagarrigue, Taha Clayton and Joseph Adolphe will exhibit their latest work in a boxing-themed collection titled “Round Zero”. Curated by Dexter Wimberly, the exhibit will be on display May 13–17th* at The Art Director’s Club in Manhattan.\


The exhibition also serves as the culmination of more than two years of documentation of these artists’ creative journey by film-maker Jeff Martini, for an upcoming feature entitled “HEAVYWEIGHTPAINT,” a segment of which will be shot at the events.


*The opening reception will be held today at The Art Directors Club from 6-8 PM. The after party will take place from 8-10 PM in the same location, featuring the one and only… DJ Questlove.


A portion of proceeds will go towards to the Brotherhood/Sister Sol, a Harlem-based youth organization. Artworks created by students from “Bro/Sis” will also be on display at the event.


*Please note that this is a 21+ event.


Tim Okamura


tim 12


tim 5


Tim 11


tim 10


tim 9


tim 8


tim 7


Tim 2


tim 4


Jerome Lagarrigue














Jerome Lagarrigue 2


Jerome Lagarrigue



Taha Clayton












Taha Clayton



Joseph Adolphe

















Joseph Adolphe


“Round Zero is comprised of work inspired by the sport of boxing, which serves as both a rich source of inspiration and a metaphor for the artists’ creative struggles. A parallel can be drawn between the physical and emotional challenges and required mental focus of a pugilist in the ring and the demands faced by the show’s four figurative painters in life and before the canvas.

With each of the artists interpreting the subject of prize fighting through his own unique filter, the resulting collection is simultaneously an homage to the ‘sweet science,’ an exploration of profound symbolic themes and psychological narratives, and a testament to the potency of dynamic figurative painting in contemporary art today.

‘Each of these four artists enters ‘Round Zero’ with his own history and deeply personal relationship to the exhibition’s primary theme of boxing, however, this is not a showcase of ‘sports art’, but rather a primal, atavistic presentation of figurative painting, steeped in pain and sacrifice, celebrating the durability and upper limits of the human body.” – curator Dexter Wimberly.


The Art Director’s Club

106 W 29th St  New York, NY 10001

(212) 643-1440