Click photo or read more for additional pics and accessories. The classic polka dot pattern became famously well-known in the 60’s from Brian Hyland’s #1 single titled “She wore an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”. Polka Dots are a cute subject matter for a song but wearing polka dots can sometimes be tricky and overbearing if worn as an entire outfit but paired as separates with your choice of color or colorful accessory  to add a break in this classic pattern can really update polka dots in a whole new way. Another series of UBB Fashionista on a Budget.

Butterfly Pink Cropped Shirt : Forever 21; 14.90 USD

Black & White Polka Dot Mini skirt: Forever 21; 8.90 USD

Vintage Marble Tone Panel Bag: Reminiscence thrift & Vintage in NY, 9.95 USD

Cut Out Wood Sole Wedge Shoes: Dollhouse; 39.99 USD (Sale)

Hardware Dual Necklace: H&M; 8.00 USD (Quick Tip: This necklace was discounted because the chain was broken. If an item can be fixed at a low to zero cost it is worth buying at the discount)

Tan Wood Beads: Reminiscence Thrift & Vintage in NY; 1.00 USD

1960’s Navajo Ring: Vintage; 15.00 USD

Complete Look: 97.74 USD :)