There has been a heavy debate over hair guru and comedian Chescaleigh of Chescalocs satire the” Sh@t White Girls Say to Black Girls”. The satire has raised a controversy whirlwind on whether the statements are racist or just pure ignorance. Chescaleigh firmly stands by that this video was not an attack but making light of the ignorance that she has personally experienced and I have to say I agree with her outlook. This satirical video is not speaking or making fun of an entire race of people but giving insight to the personal experiences that many women of color can relate to. In fact the comments stated in this video actually hold strong grounds in a very authentic manner of dialogue I have personally encountered over the years.

To understand the definition of what racism and ignorance aka prejudice really mean, lets break it down. Racism, is the belief that one race is superior to another. This type of ideology has to be culturally developed. Now prejudice is something different entirely. Prejudice means to judge a person before one has all the facts. Which literally is what prejudice means, to pre-judge.

Truly listening to the comments of “Sh@t White Girls Say to Black Girls” is to know the history of just not yourself but others as well, than you may understand why so many women of color are just simply implying these comments are prejudice and not an attack on an entire race.

So many of the comments could easily have me writing in lengthy detail for days of the ignorance sprouting it’s ugly head but there is one comment in particular that has been repeatedly misrepresented and socially accepted in most forms of media over the years relating to the African American race and that is the use of the word “ghetto”. The terminology “ghetto” was not manifested within the black community as so many others seem to imply but instead is rooted from Italy which in Venetian means slag or waste, this terminology was later than correlated to the history of the areas in which the Jewish Nation was confined to during the Holocaust. The word ghetto is an area of a city that predominantly consists of people living in an occupied space because of financial hardships and social issues and also is often “referred” as a confined urban area occupied by a specific race. The terminology of ghetto became well known during the 1939-44 occupation of Europe by the Nazi’s during World War II. The Nazi’s bordered small areas in cities within Eastern Europe which were established as ghetto’s to confine the Jews, this led into the transition of concentration camps or death camps, which was a predecessor to the extermination of millions, within the Jewish nation.

We like so many ethnicities or ANY ethnicity in fact, can relate to the confinement of a certain image or stereotype but to move forward and erase that kind of judgmental thinking or reasoning is to be open and honest with each other…to speak on the prejudice of others is not by any means perpetuating or labeling an entire race as racists.   

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The beautiful Chescaleigh in and out of character


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