For those who are with us regularly you noticed we have been missing in action this week but for good reason…Nikisha’s wedding! As I am typing these words our Nikisha Riley is now Nikisha Brunson. Yes, its official, Nikisha is now a married woman. Words really can’t describe how beautiful, intimate and loving this union was, which took place in one of the most amazing scenic areas in the country, Big Sur, California. Believe me when I say, Big Sur is absolutely breath taking which can unequiocally be said the same for Nikisha on her wedding day.

Mrs Brunson is currently in Maui, Hawaii on her honeymoon till the end of the month so will be back with us until then but to hold you over, here is a sneak peek of Nikisha’s surprise bridal shower and wedding day preparations before the ceremony at Pieffer Beach in Big Sur, California.


Surprise! Nikisha was completely shocked by her surprise Bridal Showerplanned by her Mother-in-Law, Pauline. Sitting across from me in the last seat is Pauline, next to Nikisha her friend Bianca and across from Bianca Nikisha’s Mother Jackie.





My gifts to Nikisha. Some of the best topics on the planet, lol.






Mariposa Inn & Suites in Monterey, CA (after an 11 hours of traveling I was about to pass out)




Downstairs area of room



Cynthia (left) and Vernez (right), Nikisha’s longtime friends.  We drove from Monterey to the house Nikisha and her husband, Carl Brunson rented for their stay while in Big Sur.





Location of the rented house Nikisha and Carl chose for their stay while in Big Sur



One of the most beautiful brides ever!


Not eating before the wedding…HAH!!! Nikisha gets in before the cermony.


Nikisha’s son Jaden


The Bouquet that smelled simply amazing





Jaden reviewing pictures


I wasn’t ready for the pic…


Ok better, lol. I was wearing a vintage Betsey Johnson crushed velvet dress




Nikisha helping her son with his suspenders



The TRUTH!!!










OMG, how cute is this!!!!! Nikisha’s son Jaden (left) wih her nephew, Kingston.


Jill & Paul Brunson’s son, Kingston




Nikisha’s Sister-in-Law Jill Brunson with her son Kingston


Nikisha’s Mother-in-Law, Pauline with her grandson Kingston


Jill Brunson with her son Kingston


Nikisha’s husband Carl getting ready with assisitance from his brother Paul Brunson



Nikisha’s son Jaden standing behind Paul and Kingston to provide some warmth from the chilly weather in Pieffer Beach


*Professional photos and video footage of the wedding  and reception will be released at a later date in October.