My hair was starting to get unruly and do this floppy thing and I found myself always messing in it to get it to the right shape. I finally decided it was time for a professional cut since I hadn’t had one in years! I went to Khamit Kinks , a salon in Brooklyn that specializes in natural hair and it’s in walking distance from my house. I got the stylist Aingeel Talley to reshape and trim my hair. Even though Aingeel was a bit more money, I was told she was great with long hair. My cut was needed badly because I had all these uneven layers going on and I was becoming a slave to getting it to the perfect shape. One, I don’t like fussing in my hair much, I need and prefer quick and easy for my life style. Two, my wedding is in September so I wanted a professional to even out my layers and trim off my dead ends because I was not trying to do it myself and looked jacked up on my wedding day, yah dig!!! Three, a professional hair stylist who specializes in natural hair has been specially trained and has years of experience of looking at dead ends, shaping, cutting, and trimming…something I don’t possess. Although the picture above is 6th day hair and doesn’t do my hair cut any justice, I have to say Aingeel did and awesome job and I would go to her again. She worked with what I was comfortable with and didn’t cut off more than I agreed to. I have had horror stories with people cutting too much of my hair off. I must admit I was neurotic with her because I wanted to hang on to length, but then I asked myself, “length or health?”. I feel like a new woman after my cut. My hair looks so much healthier and detangling time is now only 10 minutes with my Camille Rose Algae Deep Conditioning Mask and my fingers :). I highly recommend Aingeel Talley from Khamit Kinks, and I recommend getting a trim from a professional at least once a year especially if your a wash n’ go girl like me! I’m jus’ sayin’ sometimes even us hair bloggers don’t know it all! Stay tuned this week for my braid out ,where you can see more of the shape of the cut!

When was the last time you had a professional hair cut?