So you have just big chopped and your significant other does not like your hair… do you:

A) Give them a chance, everyone has a preference. Maybe it is length they are not fond of or have to adjust to.

B) Two seconds from sounding off because adjustment or not it is beyond the physical and they better love you regardless. They BETTER!

C) Actually sound off because you are fine and they need to realize NOW.

D) Don’t say anything but give them the side eye because now you are wondering if it is the length or texture.

E) Shrug it off because you could care less, you are not your hair.

F) Compromise and consider changing your look here and there with a wig or extensions.

G) Well that makes two because you are not to fond of your new chop either

H) Take some time and explain what the big chop means to you and like it or not they will have to adjust.

I) I stands for “I” will choose all of the above, even if it is at the risk of looking like a schizophrenic.