“Ms. Cipriana Quann The Vice President and Dr. Biden request the pleasure of your company at a reception in celebration of Black History Month.” -Office of The Social Secretary


Photos: Joey Rosado 

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Invited by the 47th and active Vice President; Dr. Joe Biden, I attended a special reception in celebration of Black History month this past Tuesday. This intimate gathering was held at Number One Observatory Circle; the official Vice President residential dwellings, located on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory in DC. More commonly known as USNO, this scientific agency is one of the oldest in the US, founded in 1830. Correlating missions of the USNO include “determining the positions and motions of the Earth, Sun, Moon, planets, stars and other celestial objects, providing astronomical data; determining precise time; measuring the Earth’s rotation; and maintaining the Master Clock for the United States” (USNO).


Located in New York for over the past 10 years now, the trip was a sentimental one, returning under such a special occasion since my childhood roots stem from the DMV area. Anticipating the event, I arrived early and was the first one at the premises. As I slowly walked the winding road within the Naval Observatory towards Number One Observatory Circle, alone and engulfed by silence, I could not help but feel the presence of so many Presidents and Vice Presidents in and before my lifetime. Knowing I was walking in those very same footprints, I took a step back, truly recognizing the impertinence of it.


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Once the reception kicked off Vice President, Dr. Joe Biden greeted attendees, including past Civil Right Activists and proceeded to discuss the importance of black history in the United States, stating the significance individuals like Martin Luther King, Jr. had, in shaping the progression of race relations in America. As the reception came to a close guests were able have a quick one on one with the Vice President, accompanied by a personal photo.


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Once the evening festivities came to an end and I made my way back down the winding road, leaving the Naval Observatory grounds behind, again alone and engulfed in silence, I begin to reminisce along the way of witnessing such an incredible event and meeting the Vice President…an unforgettable moment that is now my past but will always be part of my future.


Special thank you to Vice President; Dr. Joe Biden, Carri Twigg White House Associate Director of Public Engagement and Women’s wear line; TOME


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