Via: Suited Magazine
Written by: Tsemaye Opubor
Photographer: Diego Villarreal
Stylist: Lisa Jarvis
Strength in Numbers; Twin sisters, Cipriana and TK Quann chart their own paths supporting each other along the way
The Baltimore-born Quann sisters have officially achieved international “It girl” status. Cipriana Quann, co-founder [and editor in chief] of the pioneering fashion and lifestyle website and natural hair platform ‘Urban Bush Babes’(UBB), and her identical twin sister, electronic singer/songwriter and executive contributor of UBB TK Quann, have been applauded and featured in the most influential reads on the global fashion posse for the past year. They’ve collaborated with the Swedish retailer & Other Stories, fronted national campaigns and in a 12 page editorial in the September issue of Conde Nast Traveler, they weren’t just featured –they landed the cover. “Women of color in the fashion industry are not represented on a consistent basis” Cipriana says “The spread was really the epitome of who we are and we felt so flattered to be a part of the issue.”
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The Quann sisters rise through the ranks of fashion influencers can be attributed in part to the popularity of Urban Bush Babes as well as to their stunning beauty, original style and all inspiring natural hair. And then there’s the twin thing.
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The sisters credit what Cipriana calls their “old-school” upbringing for allowing them to be comfortable with the choices they make today.”We were raised in a strict household due to the volatile nature of our father, “He was raised on the streets,” TK explains. “Our mother, an intelligent, considerate and beautiful woman, was quite opposite. This dichotomy made our childhood very difficult, but it did shape us into the women we are today.” Cipriana is equally empathetic “We are blessed to have each other, I know I would not be here if not for the support of my sister.”
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Tk and Cipriana recount antidotes from their childhood that are hard to fathom in the context of Baltimore in the late 80s the sisters weren’t allowed to have friends or sleepovers, and sports and educational activities such as reading and writing were the only activities allowed. “Our father raised us like one of the boys, teaching us basketball and how to box. He did not want us to use excuse of being women to set limitations on being able to fend for selves physically.” Cipriana says
“I think people, whether you have natural hair, straight, blonde, blue or no hair at all identify with struggling to love who you really are” says Cipriana
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The Quann sisters agree the greatest gift they have received in their lives thus far has come from making peace with their past, for it does not as Cipriana says “define who you are or want to be” TK’s words of wisdom “Don’t be deterred by a path because it is difficult sometimes the most rewarding paths are”
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