(Click: Read More/Comment for more pictures) If I could be transported back in time it would definitely be to the 70’s era. I absolutely love everything about the 70’s to the music, Woodstock, Blaxploitation films (but I also loved me some Woody Allen films), the peace, love and unity and my oh my the hair! A time when natural by the masses was of the norm and the place to be! This is my UBB Fashionista on a budget ode to the 70’s.  Can you dig?

70’s style shirt: Forever 21; 9.50 USD

Brown leather elbow patch knit cardigan: Marc Jacob’s (No Relation’s); 15.00 USD

Bell bottom jeans: Crack and Pepper (Beacon’s Closet); 17.00 USD

Suede Navajo print moccasins: Minnetonka; 30.00 USD

Leather purse: Liz Claiborne (Beacon’s Closet); 11.95 USD

80’s clear and blue eyeglasses: EBay: 4.99 USD

Sterling Silver Turquoise and Coral Navajo ring: Vintage; 12.50 USD

Complete look: 100.94 USD :)