My mom will still tell people the stories of how I dressed up almost ever day for a year  like Jennifer Beals in Flash Dance. I loved the song “Maniac” and had my movie or old school cassette tape ready to go! I would put my white tape around the front of my feet, get my leg warmers, put on my leotard and start doing the Flashdance moves, you know the ones where she is spinning around on her toes,  moving her arms on her sides really fast, and whipping her hair around. Man… I was obsessed and I was only about 5 or 6yrs old at that time. The 80s style is definitely at the top of my list, so this movie has had a huge influence in my life. I have even had the Flashdance haircut  that Jennifer Beals had in the movie! Check out the off the shoulder tops and chunky knit sweater along with the Tom boy style which I am so in love with! This leads to my addiction at American Apparel, its the spot I get all my leotards and chunky knit sweaters from.

Has Flashdance ever influenced your style?