Inspiration comes in many forms or at any moment and in some instances almost like a bolt of lightning triggering a part of your true self that had lain dormant for years. Kay Bahama, natural, blogger, writer and guest author on UBB on articles “What You Know About Hair Struggle” and “How to Find Your Perfect Frame: Update” writes of an inspirational and transforming revelation from reading just featured Urban Bush Babe Yagazie Emezi’s  interview Below is Kay’s account.

Release the Fear

By Kay Bahama

Urban Bush Babe:  Yagazie Emezi

UBB: What advice would you give to people who might be afraid to show their true fashion for fear of being judged by others?

Yagazie:” Bottom line, I am a free-spirit and an artist my art is not just what my mind puts into creation but what my body does as well. It is such a pity that not everyone is brave enough to express themselves because they simply worry too much about how they will be perceived and when that worry eventually turns into fear, most become lost and settle within the shadow of their true selves people worry too much about the opinions of strangers.”

Was she speaking to me?  After reading this response I was sweating like a hooker in church. Living on such a small island, everything that is ‘different’ is usually demonized. I don’t have much clothes to begin with but sometimes I put something together that feels so me but once I step out the door, I feel the stares and glares – it usually sends me running back inside.

So I ‘tone it down’ so to speak: 

Here’s what I really would want to wear. Hopefully someday I’ll find my bravery! Thanks for the inspiration Yagazie! :

Thank you Kay for showing us your fear, that within itself is bravery and with sharing your bravery with all of us I’m sure you have inspired many as well. Visit Kay Smith’s site where you will see this article and many others that will make you smile!

PS: Kay Bahama’s beautiful mass of hair seen here is in twists which are gorgeous! I’m sure I am not alone in thinking she would be great for an UBB interview. Just a thought… :)