“I was born Muslim. It just gave me a very, very disciplined way of life. I was wearing a hijab during 9/11 and I was 12 and I went to an all-white school. I’m still very open to other things in the world: beliefs, religions, lifestyles. But I know who I am because of Islam.” – Armina (Armina in her own designs)


“I studied historical clothing when I was in college. When I moved here I was wearing clothes that I could throw on, like jeans and creepers and T-shirts, things that are easy to wear when walking around New York. But I realized that I don’t want it to be easy. I want to wear something that makes me feel happy and reflects my interests.” – Sarah Jean.



“My Dad is Arabic, so I’m actually half-Arabic, half-Russian. During the Soviet time in Russia, everybody used to dress the same — same boots, same coats, everything. We didn’t have that much to see to get inspiration from.” -Elena.



“Death is a big influence in my life. I lost my dad when I was 14 and I just lost my mother a year and a half ago. It’s probably the most real thing in life that people constantly try to avoid all the time. I guess fashion is just one way to sort of distract yourself from things that are important and real in life.” -Arpana


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