Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. On Saturday night we had the honor to attend the Style Like U & Marc Baptiste Film Premiere at 1OAK in New York. Style Like U has been one of my favorite sites, which I feature frequently that showcase individuals through video media on their personal fashion style and influences while Marc Baptiste is a brilliant, innovative-mastermind and renowned fashion photographer whose work needs no words to explain. The collaboration of the two is something you will have to see for yourself, with that being said, we would never leave our UBB family hanging so we will have a very special treat to share with all of you very soon but until then here is Nikisha and I with my sister TK Wonder making funny faces at the Style Like U & Marc Baptiste Premiere.




 Marc Baptiste’s Work



Marc Baptiste

Visit Style Like U for inspirational videos galore and for an additional inspirational overload of Baptiste’s most recent work, that you just ABSOLUTELY have to see!!!