Click ‘Read More + Comment’ to view video. ”It doesn’t matter how many people try to ruffle your feathers or throw dirt in your face. The most important thing is to live out the kind of soul that you genuinely are. The problem is, a lot of people mistake kindness for weakness. It makes me sad that there are so many people in this world who don’t understand that being kind can bring you so much happiness.” -Mara Hruby


Hailing from Oakland, CA Singer/Songwriter not only shares her sense of style and inspirations but opens up on intimate moments of her past, including gaining the courage to leave an abusive relationship in this video with Style Like U.







“Growing up, my parents didn’t want me to focus on race, but that everyone was equal. Just because someone is this ethnicity or they come from this part of the world doesn’t mean that they’re different from you. I was raised not to think that I’m one or two or five things. What I am is what I have around me, which is life.”






“Junior high was when the cliques formed. People start getting curious and talking about other people and that’s when the viciousness kicks in. High school’s a whole ‘nother ball game because the cliques are more developed and they’re in their own zones. I had a hard time because of the texture of my hair, my skin tone, and the way that I chose to speak since my parents raised me to be articulate.”






“Since my mother and father were flying all the time, a woman from Mississippi, Dezzie Ree Dew, raised me. She’s 80 years old now and the love of my life. She told me, ‘Honey, it doesn’t matter what anyone else is. If someone gives you a hard time for what you are, that’s their problem. You need to embrace who you are because no one is you.”




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